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Working From Home

#Workingfromhome is not for everyone.

Regardless the current restrictions and a new way of working, corona times will change how we #communicate

and work on a long run.

How to best communicate, manage, lead or simply connect remotely is up to a very individual approach and

empathic feeling of leaders and managers.

We especially need to listen to the silent ones and know how to recognise the highly sensitive people in our

team. They see and feel differently than most and need some special attention. Because only then they will

perform at their best, be(come) brilliant and thrive.

Great #leaders hear such silence, can feel and "read" the feelings of the sensitive ones.

We all are different, unique. Our homes and social environments are different. Our backgrounds are different.

Our problems, wishes, fears and past traumas are different. A great leader should be there for all the team

together and for each in her/his team separately, attentively and mindfully. Create unique #relationships.

When a mentee or a team mate honestly opens up, talks authentically to her/his leader and the leader listens,

understands, has compassion, reacts and helps - magic happens! #Performance kicks-off! #Loyalty starts

growing roots! Growth of the potential new great leaders starts to flourish.

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