My name is Mateja (it is version of the Greek given name Mathias 

spelled Mateya).

I love life, I adore animals and nature. Dog written backward is God. Well, logically, right! Dogs are my Angels. 

I connect well with positive, inspiring, smart and a bit crazy people who rely on their common sense and gut feeling and have loads of good humour. 

My life is about discovering, experience, questioning everything, life long learning, daring and infinite growth.

I love getting myself intentionally lost into the unknown. I don't trust in "We always did/went this way" rules. I love going off road, away from the "normal"and worn out paths.

I love to innovate and distrupt, think the opposite. These are my "Planned Coincidences". I am intentionally not planning life, go with the flow and so foster the coincidences to happen. Because I can only do and give my best and let life do the rest. 

My enthusiastic, bold and endlessly curious spirit is playing daily with connecting the "non-connectible", moving on myself and others, creating, helping and leading, engaged in 73+ interests, always searching for action, improvements and implementations.


Professionally I reflect my true self: being very direct, fast, responsive, reliable, honest and sincere. When you LOVE what you do it is not called job or work, it is called LIFE and PURPOSE.  I am passionate about entrepreneurship, mentoring, coaching and leadership, enthusiastically moving ideas and people from intention to action, from blah to do, from fear to dare, from ignorance to care.
All I do I do with heart, dedication, integrity, passion, enthusiasm, love and care. I put challenges and dreams of the future into my today's "To do" list.
My vision and hope is to make tomorrow a better and happier place than it is today; for individuals, groups, companies, communities, animals and for our planet. I love to be engaged with the same "crazy" enthusiastic doers, movers, shapers, visionaries, shakers, drivers and spinners.
Creativity, curiosity, life long learning, helping and motivating others and constant self-improvement are my key drivers.
I am in love with life; with all it brings along. When we are flying high and winning - we touch the sky and thrive. When we are failing and crawling - we learn. Falls and failures in life give us chances to touch the ground, so we can bounce back up, even higher and wiser. The key is to always do new mistakes, not repeating the old ones. :-)
Working is for me playing by heart, with open mind and emotional intelligence. Combining experience, care, learning, sharing and intuition.
I believe in learning by doing, in action over intention and in changing over complaining. I am sure attitude defines altitude. And I am sure both enthusiasm and action are contagious. 


© 2018 by Mateja Kramar

Mateja Kramar