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My name is Mateja (it is version of the Greek given name Mathias 

spelled Mateya, meaning "The gift of God" - which is a good start!).

Kramar - in Swedish it mens "hugs". Well, I love to hug people (and dogs) that I like or love. 

I love life, I adore animals and admire nature daily.

Dog written backward is God.

Well, logically, right! Dogs are my true Earthy Angels. 

I love to connect with positive, inspiring, smart and a bit crazy people who rely on their common sense and gut feeling, have loads of good humour and always go extra mile with a smile.

My life is about discovering, experience, questioning everything, life long learning, courage, development, creativity, relationships and infinite growth.

I love getting myself intentionally lost into the unknown. 

I don't trust in "We always did/went this way". I love going off road, away from the "normal"and worn out paths, to make progress and innovate.

I love to innovate and distrupt, think the opposite. These are my "Planned Coincidences".


I am intentionally not planning life (too much), go with the flow and so foster the coincidences to happen. It's called serendipity.

We can only do and give our best and let life do the rest.

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