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Visiting Slovenia Soon Again

In the last year we all probably miss travel a lot, even if just across the border. In Europe, every 100km nature, food and even language change.

Many of us didn't see friends and family back home from where we are for over a year. Hopefully we are now appreciating even more our homelands, our old friends and little things that are different everywhere we go.

I look forward to visit my hometown Ljubljana soon again - the greenest city of Europe. And my beautiful country - Slovenia. With its unique mix of Alps and valleys, cities and villages, sea and lakes, rivers and caves, forests and vineyards, gorges and Karst in between.

All is so close that you can both swim in the sea and ski in the Alps on the same day. It's bordering Italy on the west, Austria on the north, Hungary on the East and Croatia on the South. A super nice combo of diversity of nature, culture, people, heritage and excellent food.

Hope to see you soon, dear sLOVEnia!

Photos: Mostly mine and some by professional photographers.

Take a look! It might foster you to visit Slovenia soon (again)!


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