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Wild Plants for Health

No health - no wealth!

The miracle of #nature 🍀🌼🌱

While all the shops can be locked down, the free #pharmacy of nature stays always open. Beside its healing properties it's also invigorating!

Don’t forget on your daily walks, hikes and runs in nature, while zigzagging over meadows and into forests, to pick some #medicine and #healthy#food on the way.

Now is the time of 3 treasures: dandelions, nettles and wild garlic.

By dandelions you can use roots, leaves and flowers. And you can play on a dandelion horn, too, by whistling into its stalk! 🎶

Dandelion is a fertile pollen giver, a being that helps other plants access goodness deep within the soil. They are treasure to the bees, so don’t forget to keep most of the flowers for the 🐝

It’s healing for our guts, livers and skin. Plus pure energy and a nutrient dense food, it can be used as salad, in smoothies, infusion, tincture or balm.

Nettle is one of the most nutrient dense plants, full of minerals, vitamins and proteins. Prepared and eaten in the same way as spinach. You can prepare infusion or hair water.

Wild garlic doesn’t need words. In Switzerland it's put in every food. I usually make also pesto to keep it for winter. If you don’t know why it’s so healthy - ask bears! 🐻


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