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Who Believed in You?

Encouragement, support, trust and guidance are the traits of great leaders, parents, mentors and teachers.

Our talents and givens can either thrive and fly or be and stay buried.

As parents, teachers, mentors and leaders we have both power and responsibility to help our children, our students, our mentees and our followers recognise their talents and make sure they work hard on them while we are giving them all the support needed on the way.

We should treat people so that they can build up their talents, develop a healthy and positive self-image and self-esteem, and once become themselves great parents, teachers, mentors and leaders.

I personally believe in 10:1 leadership rule: Always say 10 encouraging, positive and uplifting praises before you say 1 critic, correction or anything discouraging to anyone.

And: praise in front of others, but correct always and only 1:1.

Be the one you yourself need most when you were younger!


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