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What If Now Is Not Tomorrow

🌺 #Mental#wellbeing is the key of #resilience.

Our life as the infinite striving for "it“?

We always expect that the best way is onward and upward, faster and bigger, more and better.

We keep on hoping to become something we are not yet, always quasi improving, trying to become better than we are now.

So we are gathering all of the important things and information and „must do“ fast learnings we think we need to get somewhere where is much better and brighter than where we are now.

While we are aspiring for the imaginary perfect future, our life here and now passes by. We are ignoring the only guarantee and true beauty we have: now, here, today, life!

Eventually, if lucky, we get an "Aha!" moment realizing that our path is not taking us onward but inward. That we should not gather things and getting new habits but we should actually let go of so many redundant things that are suffocating us, „fitting in“ rituals and presence stealing habits, often even addictions.

And then we suddenly realize that there was never anything more to aspire to, win over or gain than the truth of what/who we already are: beautiful unique people doing our best by accepting and loving ourselves, Nature and all the inspiring, peaceful and gentle people around us.

(Photo: Mateja K.: Carpe diem!)


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