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True Friends And Fun

Let’s start the first Monday 2021 with some unexpected joy, true friends and winter fun.

Imagine: You get a package in your postbox with your name handwritten on, no idea from whom or where from, even less what is in! 😍

When did this last time happen to me, to you?

🍀Lucky me - I got it from a friend Katja who crochets unique accessories from the best wool.

Once long time back I told her I love mittens.

She asked: "What color?“

"Red tones are nice for winter!", I said. "But I wish them to be made from wool leftovers. Not to be thrown away but to become ingredients and so be even more unique!"

In the meantime I forgot about it already.

Now I got them in my postbox - out of the blue! The warmest, softest unique mittens! So tightly crocheted that they are waterproof, well actually snowproof!

And to make my day complete, friends call me out of the blue, too:

"Wanna go for a ride?"

"Yes!! What ride?", I was instantly in but curious.

"Don’t you love sledding?"

Oh dear, I absolutely adore sledding! 🙌

Ice cold, snow, friends, warm mittens, speedy sledding, rolling off-road into deep snow, snow in my nack and down my back brrrrr ... with spicy hot chocolate to warm us up afterwards.

What a day! What a surprise! What a start of New Year! Simply wonderful!

🍀🙏🛷 ❄️😃🍫⛄️


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