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Remote Leadership

Managing and leading people remotely can be challenging.

In the office a good leader recognizes peoples’ moods and states of mind; by behavior, communications, by their vibe and body language.

But how do we do it remotely?

How could we feel people online?

How can we recognize problems, worries, concerns, anxieties, solitude?

How can we remotely sustain the feeling of belonging, trust, team spirit and peak performance?

The key is open and honest #communication. Not only about job and tasks but also about life, daily inspirations, about things that make us happy and bring us joy.

If we want #authenticity from others we have to be authentic ourselves first.

Leaders have to be the role models proving that #vulnerability is not a weakness but a key positive trait.

It takes #courage and risk to expose ourselves and show our humane softer side; that is actually the core of who we as humans are and what at the end connect us much more than any (quasi) professional yet cold behaviour.

Let’s not forget about the importance of 1:1 talks or walks. Relaxed or vigorous walking meetings on the fresh air connect!

We can afford and should foster outdoor meetings with 2-3 people; outside in the fresh air of nature to exchange energies and lift each other up! Try it!🌞


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