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Personal and Professional Values Should Be The Same

If you see your personal #values and the values of your company (or the company you work for) as separate or different, you better take a deep look into your life and how you are spending it.

If you find people’s personal thoughts, moments and photos on "professional" social media inappropriate, you might better have a deep look at your work-life synchronization and perhaps try to bring more harmony, authenticity and #happiness into your life as a whole.

The biggest asset in our lives, organisations, communities and ventures are people.

All people around us. Plus all those who we still don’t know, haven’t met yet, but (subconsciously) want to attract them into our lives, our organisations, our communities and our ventures. So we can learn, work, build and grow together plus share our values, joys and challenges.

We, our environment, our values and our work are incredibly interconnected. Therefore these should be (more) humane, more compassionate, people should be fostered to be their true selves, joyful individuals, with their core being the same: truly kind and basically good willed people.

Sharing our inspirations out of our working time builds trust, friendships and it’s the core of #greatleaders - being open hearted approachable humans with own unique private lives.


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