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No Travel

No traveling, no tourism.

#Travel fever, hope, plans.

January 1998. I was traveling to Egypt for a month. On shoestring. With 20kg backpack, looking for experience.

And got it.

It was my first travel into Sahara, with a fully equipped old Land Rover Defender. It was right after my final training "How to drive and survive in Sahara". Pure adventure. Unforgettable beauty.

Only one "trouble": deserts are freaking cold at night. Slept deep in the desert, by open fire, in my sleeping bag, in the sand, under the stars. An absolute million stars hotel.

It was right after the horrible terrorist massacre in Luxor. So I was alone (zero tourism) in all touristic spots. Quite unique feeling to walk around pyramids by yourself! Once in a lifetime experience!

Plus: it was Ramadan.

My itinerary - worth repeating: Cairo - Luxor - Assuan - Abu Simbel - into Sahara (oasis to oasis) - Kharga - Dakhla - Farafra - White Dessert - Bahariya - Siwa (fascinating green in the middle of dessert; 19m depression) - back to Cairo - Sinai (to rest) - Dahab - St. Catherine Monastery - Mount Sinai (2285 m)

Mount Sinai was spectacular! I started my climb at night, with a head lamp on, watching the sunrise from the top (photo).

I hope my backpack will be back on the dusty off-roads soon!


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