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My Innovative Grandfather Franc Kramar - Rado

Happy and proud! I just got a couple of archive photos of my Grandfather Franc Rado Kramar (the one with earphones).

He was an inventor, born in 1905, studied at the "Technische Realschule" in Ljubljana and became the first technician at the national radio Ljubljana in 1924.

He was a highly respected citizen with great #impact. He impacted my #values, my #innovation & experiementation drive and my #creativity.

He enabled the very first live radio broadcast of the international ski jumping competition from Planica, Slovenia (Kingdom of Yugoslavia).

He co-fouded "Radio Kričač" (Radio Screamer)- an illegal radio station of the Liberation Front, which broadcasted in the occupied Ljubljana during the Second World War.

He was awarded with a National Honorary Golden Plaque for his life work.

We lived in the same house. I got technical affinity and 1001 practical skills from him.

I "assisted" him daily in his home workshop; I've learned all about radio science, frequencies, how to build and repair a radio, about electricity, chemistry, physics, statics, mechanics, but also about soil and gardening. I learned how to triturate, galvanise, change electric socket, repair electric cable, sew leather, groom trees, fermentate or make tinctures. I enjoyed enormously in #learningby doing.


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