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Mountains That We Climb - 2021

🌍 2021:

Every mountain has a peak. There are always new peaks and new mountains to climb.

Life doesn’t become easier, only we grow and become stronger, more experienced, have better perspective, more confidence. So we are more at peace, self aware and mindful in our #leadership, decisions, relationships and life.

Transformation and change are the only constants while climbing the mountains of business and life.

We are tougher than we were last year, more connected and more grounded. Aware of our own fragility and impermanence.

Last year helped us in its brutal way become more vulnerable by forcing us to exposure, risk of fast applied changes and facing our fears of rejection by being authentic.

But we are still here, stronger as ever. Perhaps tired as on the top of a high steep mountain but with a view that is giving us the reality on how small yet powerful we are.

If we only step together, apply synchronization in communication and relationships plus accept synchronicity as the natural law of action and reaction.

If we push against something it will push back to us. It’s the law of nature.

So let’s better observe the nature and learn from it. Now even more than ever. Or now just as thousands of years back in caves. It will help our health, business, climbings and life.


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