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Most Amazing Things In Life Happen Suddenly

Good things need time.

But the most amazing things in life happen suddenly. 💙

Just like a free sunny day on powder snow! ❄️☀️

With Mr. Skiing - my love at the first sight at the age of 3!

And we are still in a great relationship! 😍🥰⛷🎿

Although my both legs were already spirally fractured and I was flying off the slope between the trees a couple of times already, by training or racing with the random co-skier. Lucky as I am, I never hit the tree! 🍀🙏 Well it's at least it's not a boring relationship! 🤷‍♀️😍👍😉

Off the slope some extra deep powder always invite us to make our own signatures in the white carpets of virgin snow.

Wooohooo!! 😍🤩😎🙌

Being OUTSIDE in the mountains brings out the best from our INSIDE.

Endless views over the mountains are like a potion for the soul.

On the empty ski slopes downhill feels like flying.

After a day like this nothing seems impossible!

The best is yet to come! 🤩😍

What else, right?! 😎

Merry Christmas to all and let the shortest days of the year bring you the longest happy hours! 🎄❤️🌟✨💫


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