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So many people, especially men and expats, have no close #friends. Real trustworthy friend/s to share their emotions and most personal things with, laughter and tears, joys and fears, frustrations and funny "weird " stuff they love and do.

Being #alone and enjoying your own company is super healthy and reflective. But being #lonely is completely different, lowers immune system and is both main cause and effect of anxiety, depression and even suicide.

I hope that the "corona digitalization" has a funny side effects of more people being less perfect and artificial all the time and relax being themselves on calls/cameras. Because at the end we are all humans, social animals who are made to care, love, share and be there.

When/if the professionally "I am cool and perfect” is dropped off, we can find friends between our colleagues.

We all have feelings. Feelings connect.

We all have interests. Interests connect.

We all have stories. Stories connect.

We all eat. Food and cooking connect.

We all live. Let’s connect while we do.

Because too soon there is no more me and you.

But: Choose people around you wisely and trust your gut feeling. Because the worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel alone.


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