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Let's Go Outside!

Due to #covid19 we all are quite a lot inside, with lockdowns around and the same environment every day.

It can become boring, annoying, uninspiring.

😞 When problems, people around you or isolation & loneliness and life itself feels too big to handle, GO OUTSIDE! 😀🌞

Outside everything seems smaller.

You're standing under the big sky.

Go up in the snow - on the huge white filed.

Or even better: on the top of the mountain with a view.

Suddenly perspective changes.

And everything looks and truly becomes easier.

🌞 Fact: Just 20 minutes of sun exposure per day triggers your body to release over 200 antimicrobials that fight fungi, parasites and viruses.

OUT in the nature is IN!

Fill your lungs and clear your mind with fresh air!

Wake up your happiness hormones and let them dance!


Enjoy weekend! Stay humble! Be grateful! ⛄️❄️🌞

(Photos: Mateja (with my 🐾🐾 Labrador Ludvik/Louis - mon Roi Soleil): Dogs are mindfulness gurus, fully here & now, enjoying play and fresh air. Every day anew is the best day of their life. With so little needs and so much to give. True role models!)


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