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In The Pursue of Purpose

📌When you find a purpose in your life, task or work, you can overcome any obstacle in your path.

📌If you know why something you do is important and you set yourself a positive goal, you can sustain through almost any obstacle or defeat without giving up.

📌#Adversity and #stress cease to be painful or hard in the moment you find meaning in your actions. Sacrifice has meaning since it is the price to take you to your meaningful goal/s. Without sacrifice (which could "only" mean changing your perspective and #attitude) you will become victim of your own self. But most people usually then blame outside circumstances and others for their own defeats or failures.

📌We have to be aware that on the roads to our goals, many things will not go by plan or will even go "against us".

Wisdom comes with experience and experience teaches us that when we are no longer able to change our situation or circumstances, we need to change ourselves. And that's when self growth happens.

📌#Happiness and/or #success should not be our goals to pursue but the results of our meaningful actions. Support on the way in a shape of great purpose driven #leadership, #mentorship and #coaching makes all the bumpy roads smoother and easier to ride on.


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