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💥“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.”

C. Jung

⛄️Wherever there is something new to build up, something to transform, to re-think differently - I will be there, all inspired!

💨Wherever there is hurricane, unpredictability, chaos or panic - you will meet me there at my calmest.

🌈Whenever there is change needed, growth aspired, innovation desired - that’s where I feel at home.

📍Growth of any kind needs a constant improvement, development and innovation; all that based on different thinking, trying out and learning, be exposed, take some risk and above all action.

🧮Creativity and disruptive innovation don’t happen in the routine, the usual and the normal.

♾ Physical & mental decline and boredom happen by infinite status quo, predictability and automation.

❗️Provokation of our mind & body and exposure to extreme situations reward us with extraordinary ideas and sharp thinking.

🌊The more hurricanes - the thicker skin - the higher persistence.

☀️Photos: Inspired! Literally blown away by the beauty and superpower of nature. Hike up on the 2123m, upon the ridge, at -18 °C with hurricane wind. What a bliss! Breathtaking heart-storming and mind-blowing views of the Alps around. Fresh ideas and triple positive energy for the next days guaranteed!


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