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Forest Communication

During the lockdown many people newly discovered daily #forest walks, sunny meadows and being more in nature in general.

I am lucky to live by the forest and since I can remember - with my dogs or without - daily time in nature is my routine, my habit, my reset, my #creativetime, my pause, my switch-off and my batteries refill - all in one long slow walk, in an interval exercise, a jogg, a run or a steep vigorous hike up on one of the hills around.

“My” local forest is 1 minute from my door and it’s very empty usually. It’s beautifully solitary, you only meet a couple of people on the weekends. Otherwise you mostly see or hear birds, silence of nature, winds, deers, foxes, badgers, squirrels, mice, trees, leaves and branches waving Hello!

And we - the people who never actually meet - communicate with stones and pebbles. We don’t know each other at all, but we are adding pebbles on tree stumps or on benches; adding new letters, words, thoughts, hearts, shapes, messages - every day I discover something new!

It is so lovely and heart-warming to see that we all are pursuing and striving for the same things that make us #happy: #meaning, connection, #love, #life, light, #purpose, #communication, relationships and joy within it all.

Great Friday and a pleasant weekend in #nature!


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