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Find Your Passion and Follow It!




What Shall I (Choose To) Do?

As a child, a teenager and later as a young entrepreneur I always had "a problem" how to put all my interests, sports, wishes and passions into 24 hours and into one life of mine. People around me were telling me (mostly): “You have to decide what you will do in life - focus on one thing only, not 20 at the time.”. Although I managed them all good, successfully and with joy. Just skipped parties and hanging around. That one "thing" to study, I decided to do a combination of psychology, design/creativity and skills I had and needed as a young professional sportswoman. So I studied Management and Marketing, plus later psychology and psychiatry (as these are the core of every relationship, leadership, coaching and growth).

Did my Masters while working already. Not a PhD (yet). Did it help? Yes it did. Mainly to understand that school is a foundation of education and knowledge on which we build our life, our experience and our wisdom. Potentially it gives us a good network and (hopefully) helps us realise that education is a never-ending lifelong process.

So yes, education is a process that teaches us that the more we learn, the less we know. That we should keep on learning. Because if we are not educated - we think we know everything already and so we are potentially harming ourselves and others with the lack of knowledge or with ignorance.

The world needs continuously educated people with open minds and people with big, growing and open hearts. Education as such is then a bouncing platform for finding our passions. Through learning and doing we find inspiration.

About 25 years ago I bought a book „I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was: How to Discover What

You Really Want and How to Get It“. It helped me recognise easier my passions, my talents, my potentials and

my options. It helped me realise that I should not put aside my interests that bring sparks or tears of happiness

into my eyes and makes me forget about time. Even if they don't bring me money or living tomorrow. Because

these are such rare sparks from which our biggest successes and freedom of heart thrive.

The Flow of Life and Happiness

With experience, successes, failures, rollercoaster entrepreneurial rides, traveling, changing (home) countries and my countless (serious) sports injuries I learned that life is a flow, that we change constantly, our environment changes constantly, people around us change constantly. And all this is perfectly ok.

Also our passions and successes sometimes appear purely out of nowhere. Usually by doing things we really love or when trying to solve a global problem with our skills, knowledge, curiosity and mostly with our heart.

We might discover something new in our 70s’, or 80s’ and that’s ok. No, it actually magic! It will keep us younger! And it is never too late!

We only should never say: ONE DAY! I DON'T HAVE TIME! NOT TODAY, NOT NOW, NOT YET. Because today is all we have. And tomorrow might not come, so it might be too late.

And if you follow your passion and put all your heart and time into it - that’s when you can call yourself happy.

Being happy for me means:

🍀 Being deeply content, even when the clouds come

🍀 Having a meaning and purpose, even when life becomes foggy

🍀 Being true to yourself and your values, even when it is so easier to adapt, “obey the rules” and fit in

🍀 Accepting ups & downs of life; failures as lessons and constant change as a path

🍀 Enjoying your own company in solitude or with a few soulmates with matching values

🍀 Accepting things as they are: knowing when to fight for change and when to go with the flow; in hope and in faith

🍀 Being gentle, kind, open-minded, humble and selfless

🍀 Being a good listener, forgiving, helping others, having empathy and being compassionate

🍀 Loving nature, being connected with all living creatures as a part of this planet

🍀 Taking good care of yourself, of your thoughts and wellbeing, of your creativity and lifelong learning.

On the others side: aggression, greed, anger, rudeness, violence, unkindness, Machiavellianism, envy, selfishness, narcissism, hate, revengefulness, manipulation, indifference, unforgiveness, jealousy and hostility are all belonging to unhappy people.

No person is actually mean, evil or ignorant (only) - these people are "just" unhappy people.

Being happy takes action, courage, integrity, vulnerability, ups&downs, persistence, kindness, resilience and loyalty to yourself and your values - no matter what. Yes, being happy is simple, but it’s not easy. It's actually hard work. But it's the same amount of work as if we want to make ourselves miserable. The choice is 100% in our hands. If in doubt, read Viktor Frankl's book "Man's Search For Meaning".

Why Artificial Intelligence Development Needs Happy Com-Passionate People

For working, developing and growing together (especially in today's age of technology and artificial intelligence and in today's vital need for sustainable actions and human/e transformation), we urgently and definitely need mostly (read: only) deeply content / happy / positive /selfless people with good healthy values.

People who will not, want not and can not do any harm to nature, to society and to our planet. People who want to help building new things for the global society, regenerate damaged nature and invent globally positive solutions.

People who will selflessly help building our "new" better world with com-passion, integrity, empathy and good will.

People who will help building new things and help (re)invent globally positive solutions, help changing our world for the better. People with com-passion, impeccable integrity and infinite empathy.

As Dalai Lama says: "Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them."

If you are happy - your first wish is to share your happiness and your last wish is to harm anyone.

A Story Of One Passionate Happy Successful Man Who Help Others Be Happy

Here is one of a kind who followed his passion and his heart: the amazing and extraordinary Franco Barberi - a man who left business - being a manager and devoted his life to Labradors. He is living today with his 30 Labradors in Grassona, Italy. That's his life, his space, his passion, his meaning, his centre of life and happiness. Sharing it with others by helping others get the best Labradors and grow the best relationship with their puppies and dogs.

Rare are those who get it, get him, get his "personal paradise on Earth". I certainly do. Admire such courage, firm backbone and strong character to pursue such heartfelt life path.

I am so proud to say I could get one of his dog’s grandson now - my black Labrador Pino - my 4th Labrador and

my 6th dog. With Franco’s Labrador bloodline, I have within my Pino that splendid Labrador energy, a mutual

devotion and bond that you can only get from passion and deep understanding of Labrador’s soul.

A propos happiness: Labradors' mission is to make their human companion happy and so try to help their

humans become better people. Which they do. They are our best friends, our therapists, our guide dogs, our

soul guardians, our daily mindfulness teachers and our ultimate joy bringers. They make humans happier and

more self aware. They show us that every flower matters, every piece of bread matters, every drop of water

counts and that every day is (potentially) the best day ever.

Success Needs Extra & Ordinary Skills and Positive Mindset

Funny is: most multiple world champions and absolute winners (in any area of life) are often described as extraordinary, stubborn, special, rebel, determinant, one of a kind, crazy, weird, introverted, passionate, focused, resilient, persistent, obsessed and outstanding.

As all passionate winners and change makers are.

People often describe such qualities and characteristics as something negative - not "normal". Well, that’s what the virtues and traits of the winners and pioneers are about! If you’re are not all of the above - you simply can not be the winner nor a change maker.

If you try to be likeable and fit in, you will disappear anyway. All you have to do is: look "beautiful", stand still, nod, agree, don't stand out, do what you are asked to and smile (but not too much or too loud) ... and everybody will love you.

But if you want to change the world, be a role model of positive change and improvement, you need to stand out, take risks, be bold, take action and put all your energy into becoming better than you were yesterday. It doesn't mean you are selfish or self centred ....quite the opposite: you should help others, exchange ideas, experience and wisdom plus find your own way, so that good willed and same crazy will follow you.

But first of all - you need to be happy - as described above: find your way of riding a slalom between good and bad days, between “I should" and “I would love to”, between what is expected and what you know is better for you, between “We always did it this way” and “Let’s change that and do better”. And help others find passion, do what they love, help them learn to love themselves by showing them appreciation and acknowledge them, help them learn to fail and to grow courage through their self-esteem by simply being themselves.

Happiness is when you have something to do with your heart, someone to love, someone to help and something to hope for.



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