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Digital Transformation Is Not About Technology


#Entrepreneurial#mindset is more and more desired in the corporate world; for its agility, experimentation, drive, prototyping, ability to change & adapt and for understanding that continuous re-invention is the only constant.

#Digitaltransformation is not about #technology per se but about envisioning #changemanagement processes and #strategy in the first place.

Leaders need to go back to the fundamentals: they must focus on changing the mindset of its members as well as the #organizationalculture and processes before they decide what digital tools to use and how to use them.

What leaders and members of organizations envision to be their future drives technology implementations and not the other way around.

📌Five key lessons have helped us lead our organizations through digital transformations that succeeded:

1) Figure out your business strategy before you invest in anything

2) Leverage insiders

3) Design customer experience from the outside in

4) Recognize employees’ fear of being replaced

5) Bring Silicon Valley start-up culture inside


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