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Complicating. Is Easy, Simplifying Is Hard

It’s not the biggest who survive but the fastest and the most adaptable to #change.

Company’s growth brings #chaos. #Management is adding number of #processes which supposed to help move smoother, but in most cases only block it.

#Growth brings more hierarchy - adding even more chaos and delays in processing, especially in #customerservice and in internal processing - bringing both employees’ frustration and customers’ dissatisfaction.

Daily case: Customer needs help - an employee needs to reach out to an internal service that needs many additional steps to access it while navigating through the maze of hierarchy.

Those steps/hours of customer‘s waiting are huge opportunity cost - company‘s and customers's loss.

Processes need to break down and simplify; to save the costs, help employees be faster and more #successful and to provide customers best #experience.

It’s about #empowering and #retention of both #employees and #customers.

Who can help best?

Experienced #entrepreneurs are best in eliminating bottlenecks, #simplifyingand removing processes that don’t add value. They don't and can’t afford to lose time or customers. Too many steps & people and too many "safety" processes are lowering employees' #efficiency and company’s #competitiveness.


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