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Back To Nature

Back to nature, into core and deep roots.

When we want to change something in order to improve it - if we work on its surface by sugarcoating the rotten, damaged, sick or dead core - it’s only a waste of time, resources and strength.

It’s even a slow (sub)conscious suicide.

Same goes for changing & improving ourselves, organisations or our planet.

We need to go into the deepest possible foundation of ourselves, our organisations and our planet.

❤️🧠By ourselves: we need dive into our childhood, talents, dreams, joys and fears.

🏭💰By organisations: we need to check out our way of working, thinking, communicating; honestly review our goals, mission and integrity.

🌏🌱By planet: we need to go to #soil, #water and #air; to our daily habits (eating/buying/thinking/doing/believing/ignoring) and so humbly, respectfully and gratefully learn from #nature about HOW-WHAT-WHEN; embrace nature's abundance that is given to us, its laws and interconnectivity.

Once you reach the "Aha!" moment, there is no way back. Because it’s a natural, easiest and most logical way of how anything heals, regenerates, flourishes and sustains.

When we heal and water roots -> blossoms grow and turn into fruits.


We CAN do it.

We SHOULD do it.



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