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Ability - Motivation- Attitude

How can leaders inspire an exhausted team in #covid19 second wave?

Being resilient in crisis is when true #leadership skills come in spotlight.

Skills of a sports coach come very handy.

It's about combining #compassion and #ambition.

COMPASSION is caring, sharing own battles and pro-active helping.

AMBITION is empowering team to build self-confidence, resilience, courage, independence and constant improvement through action, communication, trainings and lateral thinking.

I was lucky to be in competitive sports most of my life and a psychological sports coach last 10 years. I see great resemblance with business leadership, especially when team is feeling defeated, blocked or discouraged.

Also rollercoasters in professional life help; when we touch the ground and bounce back we grow incredibly and build thicker skin. With every “battle" we win our resilience grows, our positive attitude becomes unbeatable.

I was countlessly bruised&injured, literally through sports and figuratively through crisis management and teams/companies transformational and reinventional leadership. Never ever gave up.

Sharing my personal tough experience today is helping others. I can identify better, help easier, encourage with passion.

What doesn’t kill us really makes us stronger (and happier).


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