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The last day of an extraordinary year. It proved us that nothing and everything is in our control.

We have an absolute control of our perception, perspective, attitude and therefore our #happiness.

As the brilliant Viktor Frankl wrote in his book "Man’s Search For Meaning":

»When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.«

(talking about Auschwitz concentration camp experience!)

Paradox of having our happiness in our hands is that to most it’s scary since it demands daily work, particularly work on ourselves, our #selfawareness and #mindfulness.

But as Castaneda beautifully said: making ourselves happy or miserable takes the same amount of work. It’s up to what one asserts, stresses, focuses on and maintains.

Although many would agree that being miserable and unhappy is actually much easier; you simply do nothing, feel sorry for yourself, blame your circumstances and complain.

Getting up, pulling ourselves together, living healthy and regularly reinventing ourselves - it all take some serious #courage and work.

Start with radical self-love, take gentle care of yourself and your inner child and watch your (self-sabotaging) self talk. Then go and help others since it’s the ultimate happiness trigger.

If you wanna be happy - be! 😊🙃


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