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You Gotta Grow


Life doesn’t become any easier

Just you become stronger

You don’t become luckier with lightning

Just life expands with your courage

Changes don’t implement any smoother

Just you finally get the meaning of growth

World doesn’t suddenly become beautiful

Just your perspective chooses colors

People don’t become any nicer

Just you learn to develop forgiveness

People don’t asudden get you better

Just you start attracting matching energy

Your living doesn’t become weightless

Just your priorities become lighter

You aren’t getting any younger

Just you start taking care of yourself

Your sixth sense doesn’t fall from the sky

Just you start listening to your own heart

Your don’t switch your meaning by choice

Just experiences put you on the right path

You don’t instantly become your true self

Just you bravely become authentic

You don’t become more sensitive

Just you start listening more attentively

You don’t become smarter at 40, 50, 60

Just life hurdles bring you wisdom

You don’t learn to plan better

Just spontaneity becomes addictive Mateja ☀️

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