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International Women's Day

🌷Dearest women

My personal advice: Let’s be the inspirational role models for all the girls out there who are watching us. For that’s the best we can do.


❤️ Learn to LOVE the girl in YOU - the one who is super gentle, but strong, feels too much, cries sometimes, laughs often, talks too much, takes too many chances, but provides the warmest feeling of safety, wins sometimes and fails often, tries new crazy things courageously, humanly lacks discipline, but never lacks humor and long hugs, is persistent, never gives up but lets go often, follows her heart, loves infinitely, keeps growing and learning, is super curious, respects nature and loves animals, despises hypocrites, hates aggression, fights against injustice and violence, keeps promises, is unique, dares to stand out and is simply her authentic funky self.

It will protect us and girls from that perfectly self-controlled, masterful self-tyrant and “good girl” whom we-women have inherited and who is keeping us hostage from female magnificence, inspiring energy, infinite strength, joyous aliveness, humility, grace and dignity.

If you want to be powerful, you have to be kind and smart first. 🙏🧠

Nothing is so strong as gentleness and nothing is so gentle as strength.

Photos: With my youngest mentee Lara

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