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"Difficult" Women

❤️Jane Goodall - a courageous woman who cares, dares and bears far beyond the line of boring normal. 🍀A woman with creative brain, shining super energy and huge heart. 🐒 One of those who speaks to animals and trees. 🌴One of those who walks her talk into the jungle of unknown because she follows her gut feeling. 💪One of those who doesn’t give up on things most don’t even dare to try out. 💚One of those who knows what she wants, how to get it, and gets it against all odds. 🌳One of those who always believed she can make a change in the world and she did and she still does! 🤸‍♀️One of those who combines grace, patience, gentleness, determination, will, resilience and stamina in one. And she is proud to be a “difficult woman” with soon to be 86. Chapeau, dear rebel woman 👍

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