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Ethics, Integrity, Love and Good

The opponent of LOVE is not hate, it’s FEAR.

The opponent of GOOD is not evil, it’s FEAR.

The opponent of ETHICS is not immorality, it’s FEAR.

The opponent of INTEGRITY is not deceit, it’s FEAR.

Fearful humans turn into wild beasts with one goal: to survive. When fear overtakes us, our amygdala is in charge of us. We lose our human self, our integrity, even memory and forget ethical rules. We switch to survival mode, which can save us, but often destroy others and eventually ourselves, too.

Ethics is knowing the difference between our power, our rights and our options and the right thing to do.

Integrity is doing it right thing upon our core values and not upon the current personal or corporate interests.

🧠Repeating myself too often, but: I am sure that psychology should be the core course from the kindergarten on.

❤️ Knowing and understanding ourselves are the keys to become a great, ethical, loving, kind and responsible person, friend, life partner, parent, team player, manager, entrepreneur or leader.

By hiring people, 7 factors should be the keys: energy, authenticity, curiosity, values, integrity, vulnerability and humbleness.

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