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Goodbye, Terry Jones

"I'm cheerfully optimistic about life. Optimism is very important!"

- Terry Jones

A great foot stamped on my role model of humor and life fully lived 😢

Meaning of life is when you create such absurdity of humor and comedy of nonsense that people pee in their pants while watching, forget about their problems for a while or even stop taking life too seriously.

Just like I did from the 70s‘ on and always will when watching Monty Python's Flying Circus or any creative work from amazing Terry Jones&Co. Terry Jones was/is my role model in letting be my craziest possible authentic self, playing with everyday creativity, experimenting with meaningful contradictory ridiculousness and living life to the fullest.

Because of Monty Python I started writing my own comedies, inventing jokes and telling them with the most serious face possible. Stand up comedy was my hobby over the school years, now I simply call it „Stand up life“. 😃

Terry Jones is the father of absurd stories and imaginative fairytales. His way of thinking and creating is for me the peak of human brain and heart combo, it’s when intellect and emotions marry and give birth to the most incredible peaces of art.

Dear Terry, let now angels pee from laughing while you entertain them. I guess we can expect a lot of rain!😊

Thank you for all the laughter and for the best lessons in lateral thinking!🙏

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