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Taking care of our planet and environment starts with care of our own mental health, mental health of others and of organisations. Without (mentally) healthy people there is no healthy organisation and no long term progress, only decline.

The very same things that make our mental health worse are making the planet and our environment worse. We are part of nature. We are animals and we did not fundamentally change in thousands of years, yet the world and our environment changed extremely and is changing super fast. So we are more and more disconnected from ourselves, from each other and from nature. The rates of human stress, loneliness, burnout, depression, and anxiety is exponentially growing.

One great way to “reconnect” is by hugging: you have to be there, present and hands free. Even better with eyes closed. Hugging is very therapeutical and uplifting: it strengthens immune system, instantly boosts oxytocin levels, boosts self- esteem, builds trust, lifts serotonin levels, elevates mood, gives sense of safety, balances nervous system, relaxes muscles, releases tension in the body and can even take away pain. And it is synergistic!

So we should hug daily. Starting with our loved ones, of course. I am a natural born hugger.

And BTW: “kramar”in Swedish mens “hugs”. 🤗🤗🤗

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