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What Makes YOU Happy? Whatever it is - SHARE IT!

Technological singularity should be built by happy people who are focused on and do great things. Mean, Ego driven and harmful people are basically “only” unhappy people. And they should NOT be leaders or digital shapers.

Happiness is a pleasant, contented and peaceful mental state. With special reasons or “just because”. I call the latter HAPPYTISM - an integrated full time gratitude. Happytism happens daily to many of us! Beside being positive and sanguine, it’s perhaps that life rollercoasters and/or tough experiences thought us to be daily grateful for things and life itself. All (too) obvious for most.

Think about your own moments of happiness. Is there ANY way to describe your feelings and reasons of your own happiness? Can you explain WHAT and WHY you feel HAPPY? Is it the sun? Being healthy, able to see, hear, feel, touch, have memory? Is it hope? Work? Pets? Music? Breathing? Dance? Walk? Lovely thoughts? Humour? Helping others? Being alive? What is YOUR UNIQUE thing that makes YOU happy?

Whatever it is, share it, explain it, so others can learn from YOU! Especially the bitter, pessimistic and "It's impossible" ones.

Happiness is meant to be shared. HAPPINESS is contagious if we are authentic echos of our pleasant and content states.

And so build the best future!

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