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Black Hole

By the comparison of the M87 black hole we look a bit ridiculous. Or are we?

It should open eyes to everyone; help us seeing our problem/s differently in the sense of their size, importance and the power they have over our lives. And so foster us all to seize each day and moment we are given, to give and be our best. Grateful to be super lucky of simply being here, experiencing life. And so surround ourselves with shinning-optimistic-enthusiastic-helping-positive-inspiring people and all other animals and nature. I think the black holes in space are (scary) enough! We ourselves should be a spectrum of vivid shiny colorful lights, bringing positive brightness into every space we enter.

Hey, remember: we all have won big time by our conception! We didn’t win to shine off our Egos, prides, power or similar primitive “skills”, but to shine as brilliant as we can so we will find each other when one of the supermassive black holes decides to swallow us all. 😊☀️🍀🙌

“Api ouikende!”, as French would say 😃😉

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