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Startup & Entrepreneurship

Loved (Painting by Mateja Kramar, Oil on canvas, 2015)

Startup is the same as falling in love. It is (read: SHOULD BE!) about YOUR passion. Passion is something that doesn’t give you sleep from excitement. It makes you sing, dance and moonwalk. Time spent on it flies quicker as ever-you actually lose the sense of time, never too tired to think about your next move. No matter what, nothing and nobody can stop you. It is a chemical smoothie of dopamine, oxytocin, endorphin and serotonin: happy funky magic in the air! ❤️🍀🚀

Entrepreneurship is startup moving on - it’s like relationship/marriage. It is conscious partnership, dedication, balance, common goals and vision, persistence at all times, lots of fun, but also lots of self-initiative, work and proactivity (even when it successfully flies high). When there is no more excitement, enthusiasm, passion or love ... think twice, sleep over, take off a week or a month, change your perception-shake it up, turn your thinking upside down, get some mentoring or coaching, get some extra exercise to kick-off your brain&heart&butt, practice self awareness, open your eyes widely, be 100% honest with yourself and with everyone affected .... and if nothing works - MOVE ON - LIVE ON!

Even if you are a cat - your 7 lives pass too quickly.

No Time to Wait.

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