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Snowshoeing Into The Wild

Snowshoeing your own route steep up into nowhere and getting intentionally lost is the best way to get to know yourself (even better), check up your updated (physical and psychological) limits, observe your way of thinking (while your energy is running out), test your orientation (while offline, off-connection and in complete solitude) and drill your positive attitude (when almost nothing goes by plan).

Well this time, in the magical Graubünden, all seven hours the weather was perfect and no avalanches around (as far as I was informed). So all „troubles“ were just a delicious piece of cake: my own persistence, fitness and endurance challenge.

An amazing achievement is when you reach the balance between your unbeatable optimism and healthy skepticism in life in general. Some call it wisdom. But wisdom is a funny game: as soon as you reach one level, the next appears! So, we keep on learning! And that’s the best part of life! 😊☀️🍀

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