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Experiences Make Us Rich

Experiences make us rich. The more we experience, the more unusual the road is and the more outstanding the outcome, the better we become: Better as humans, as leaders, as mentors, as role models. Better towards ourselves. We get us and get others better!

Experiences make us richer deep inside, give more value to our wisdom and most importantly: the more experienced we are the more we can give others, the more we can teach, share and help others. It doesn’t matter how many times we failed or succeeded. The wilder and more different the range of our portfolio, the wider and deeper our roots spread, so no storm can break us. And we only enjoy the winds more, without fears. Just whistling with breeze in our cheeks and wind in our hair while planning new roads, yet nonexistent ways, crazy formulas, untested plans, grand visions, distrupted methods and pursue the (im)possible goals.

(Over)thinking, procrastinating and theorising is for “The Boring Stagnating Round Table”.

Doing, acting and experiencing is for “The Exciting Crazy Progress Club”.

The first one can write a long novel, for the second there is a waiting list for the tickets since the show is sold out constantly.😉

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