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Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years

If this is happening to you (like to the hairy guy on photo) ... you better see yourself anywhere else than you are today. Not in 5 years, but next week or next year, at least. CHANGES & DEVELOPMENT are basic INGREDIENTS of LIFE! When you find MEANING and PURPOSE in your work (aka job), it’s actually called LIFE! 🌱🌿🌳 It’s totally ok to look forward to Fridays and weekends, as long as we look forward to Mondays, too. And to Tuesday and Playday and Greatday and Chocoday and Myday and every day with -day in it!

In 5 years I see myself .... well, in 2024! 🎉🎈🚀Am am a visionary or a great mathematician or what?!?! 😃 In 2024 all will be so crazy&cool&different&wow&top!! Today’s SCIENCE FICTIONS will become SCIENCE FACTS and BUSINESS FACTS. Yet by me most will be the same in the sense of PASSION, ENTHUSIASM, CURIOSITY and LOVE of LIFE! All works out just super fine as long as we keep on believing that:

• If we can DREAM it, we can DO it

• Either you complain or you ADAPT (fast)

• There is always space for IMPROVEMENT


• Be UNIQUE or don’t compete

• ACTION always beats INTENTION



• Start everything with „WHY NOT?!“

and then SIMPLY DO IT! 🚀🍀☀️

Happy Yourday! 😊

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