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Letting Go ≠ Giving Up

Letting go ≠ giving up. Letting go doesn’t mean you don’t care, have no persistence, are lost or incapable. It means you ARE CAPABLE of something different, that you are WISE enough to know better than you knew yesterday. But it is also about the right TIMING, led by your GUT FEELING.

Letting go means stop trying to force your expectations and outcomes or people to behave your way. It means you give up delusions. Give up resistance to the way things & people are or accept how they change/d. BTW: you change/d, too!

Let go! At least for some time. Or forever - that comes by itself when we open our mind and heart.

Letting go means we stop trying to force the impossible, stop controlling what we cannot. At the same time it means focusing on what IS POSSIBLE, what is meant to be-many times too obvious to notice, right in front of us, taken for granted. It means we focus on our forgotten talents, stop complicating and complaining. We start taking care of ourselves, distance a bit from the crowd, relax.

If we let go with a feeling of failure: anger and fear will disable us.

If we let go with a conscious relief: inner peace and excitement will enable us to thrive.

We should let go gently, mindfully, kindly, honestly and with love. Then new is possible. 😊🚀

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