It Takes Courage or Dogs are Gods

It takes courage and willingness to remain deeply vulnerable.

It takes courage to love with all your heart knowing that your heart will be broken.

It takes courage to let yourself be loved and attached to someone who will leave your once.

It takes courage to let yourself grow together with someone and let him become a part of you.

It takes courage to choose love over hate

It takes courage to believe there is light when all becomes dark, painful and grim

It takes courage to cry, scream and go wild.

It takes courage to to survive when you feel abandoned and die inside.

It takes courage to fully be who you are

Not fitting in the absurdity of the world around.

Photo: February 2010 (The very first hug with my new hairy baby lab Ludvik - courageously seeping into unconditional love relationship that always ends too soon, but gives more you could imagine and helps you become a better person)

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