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Love what you do

Only few (and rare) are crazy enough to fall in love with their work. They even feel butterflies in their stomach when new surprising idea crosses their mind. They daydream about their projects and fantasize successful stories. They draw mockups and ideas on napkins. And usually explain everybody about their beloved one (project or idea). Because they don’t see their job as pressure or hard work, but as life, excitement and passion. To them working feels like playing their favorite game. They found meaning, love and purpose in their work. Such magic exists, trust me! ✨💫 Let them play! 👍💪👌 Feed their passion and foster their creativity. Be the keeper of their flame. As long as there is enough oxygen and fuel, the fire keeps burning. And be grateful for every such crazy passionate genius in your team, for their hot fire is the engine of your ship! ❤️🔥💪🤸🏻‍♂️🚀🔥❤️💪 If you let their fire die, their passion cool down, their curiosity turn to apathy, their sport spirit become lethargic, their looks empty and enthusiasm getting lost, you might lose your biggest treasure. Never let your most passionate people become quiet or stop asking 1001 questions. Not easy, but worth all the fuel (read: acknowledgement and challenges) and oxygen (read: creative space) you give them 😊

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