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Route des Grandes Alpes

There are words that can describe the most boring experience as the ultimate adventure. And there are experience that no words can describe. Route des Grandes Alpes left us speechless.

It is mostly about trying to catch every little moment, all big pictures, al incredible views, all smells, all magic and not talk too much not to miss natural silence that is there only to be observed and admired. It is just so stunning and so calm and beautiful. Such a condensed mosaic of colours, wildlife, routes, plants and geological transformations.

I could write a book, 10 chapters for every day on tour. It was like fast forward life, where you have to literally stop in between because you can not handle so much at once.

It is a little piece of a grand heaven on Earth. In France. 48 hour adventure of cruising and observing it all with the roof open. A total soul ride. With some easy hiking, walking, observing, breathing and simply doing nothing. Bathing under waterfalls and drinking water from the streams. Geologically and florally so different nature on every pass (17 passes all together). A route to repeat over and over again. Like so many natural treasures. Because we never step in the same river twice.

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