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Beauty in the retrospective

The achievements we work extra hard for, the peaks we reach breathless and in struggle, the dreams we fight sleepless for will once in retrospective strike us as the most beautiful. We might even be someone's inspiration, a role (rebel) model and motivation for some to go that extra mile and thrive. Hiking high and off-road (alone) is a great character drill and a pure retreat. Mid November is usually a no-no hiking season: muddy, icy, windy, all in stand-by mood and empty, many forbidden and closed paths, short days and dead lonely ways. If you are really lucky while running (and stumbling) on the icy downhill you can get some violet-blue tattoos on elbows and buttocks for free! I am the lucky one, of course! :-) I have meet one and only hiker on the peak, we laughed, saying: "Aha, so there are two badasses up here today!" I am exhausted, yet happy and complete. All is possible as long as you do it with your heart and smile, endurance and drive, aware how proudly you will look back and give yourself a high five.

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