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Touch with words

Stories are the playing important part of our lives. Great storytelling is an art, an incredible skill. Impactful storytelling or writing is a creative process. A lot to do with talent. A story (or just one sentence as a message) should provoke emotions, should be memorable and should have a clear message. Readers or listeners should be able to remember them, to repeat them after one minute or in after a year. Quite challenging "job", right?! Especially if you have only 12 seconds or 3 sentences of time&space and with the audience who gets thousands of stories&messages a day, on purpose or by "accident" in today's bombarding digital world. When patience, attention span and time are in the extinction. Storytelling is a great part of education and marketing. Key: you want it to be remembered. Or to foster an action. Today's stories should be extra short and clear or perhaps provocatively questionable. A good story, a quote or a slogan should stop us, make us laugh, make us feel something, make us think, make us buy, make us share, just not stay indifferent or unnoticed. It must move us inside out. Practice, imagination, curiosity and lifelong learning help a lot to master it. But it is worth it.

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