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Job is Not a Place, Job is a Feeling

JOB IS NOT A PLACE, IT IS A FEELING! Feeling of belonging, growth, joy, achievements, impact, learning and feeling of LIFE! No matter what our job is, it’s is a huge part of our lives. Sometimes it is also boring, annoying and sometimes we simply want to run away. But isn’t the same with our partners, lovers, families, friends, children, even pets? That’s life!! It is moving! With all its excitements, lights and dopamine and with all the crazy, dark and anxious moments that make us ask WHY, HOW and WTF?! Where all is same boring „grey“, it is dead anyway! Rainbow of feelings makes life magical and meaningful. If one perceives job as a separate part, waiting for 5pm, Fridays, holidays or even retirement, well s/he should seriously shake up life and thinking or change the job, join new industry or team and generally find something s/he will take as a part of her/his heart, lungs and guts. Even if you are a cat, every life counts! 😉 I know well it is not easy to find a great job that you breath with. But it is also not easy to find what you really want. Especially if you have 77 interests (like me) and everyone is preaching to focus on one thing only. I happily found my perfect job cocktail and my work is my life! Cocktails anyway need to be shaken up often to stay tasty! 😊

When my watch shows Vigorous activity I know my day was perfect. I love to move a lot while woking. Or at least between my breaks go for a run. I am like a mechanic watch: I have to keep on moving to work perfectly. 😊

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