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Entrepreneurial Spirit

Entrepreneurial spirit is very complex. It includes very obvious rebellious givens: - Infinite curiosity & never ending learning - Courage of trying what most don't (dare to even think of) - Taking (smart) action - XL persistence - Endurance through hurdles, failures, storms - Love to be around same "crazy" yet very diverse and different people - Overhearing "No go" and"Can not" by the "Spielverderber" Curiosity with courage + self initiated action with persistence are definitely top traits of every entrepreneur and of every outstanding employee, manager and leader. Where these characteristics are not appreciated or are even discouraged it is better to leave and find a new team. Being around people who have limitless desire to learn and never stop asking WHY-HOW-WHAT-WHERE-WHO (and most importantly "WHY NOT!?!") fosters everyone to grow, rise together and never get bored. Having 22+ interests, speak/learn a couple of languages, enjoy 13+ very different hobbies and always keep on learning new skills make everyone the multidisciplinary game changer and the pioneer every team and smart company needs. The more unusual and different interests of the team players are, the better for its diversity, creativity and unbeatable innovation!

(Photo: M. Kramar: Extra Curious Hike, 2018)

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