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Swiss Tech Startup Ecosystem

Swiss Tech Startup Ecosystem looks pretty amazing and it is growing rapidly. It is so inspiring to be part of it and daily work with enthusiastic people, great ideas, big dreams and to connect the dots into mutual engagements. It is a space where experience are shared, creativity is fostered and "Can do!" people implement their mind blowing visions into reality. Swiss Tech Startup Ecosystem supports all angles and everything each tech startup needs: Education with science teaching, coaching and mentoring, countless co-working spaces, accelerators, workshops, multidisciplinary brainstorms and trainings, networking events, investors and supporters, linked platforms and information guides, associations, helping organisations, thematic fairs, presentations and so many different people who help simply by sharing their own successes and failures to help startups learn from and fly high. Fascinating stories and top innovations are happening 24/7 in this relatively small region called the incredible Switzerland.

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