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Fasting to be Faster

Frequent fasting fosters friskiness! Both intermediate food fasting and “fasting" from (over)thinking have amazing positive consequences on productivity, agility and health. Ever achieved something incredible with your mind overwhelmed and stomach full? I doubt. Top mind&body health and fitness should be a priority and most wanted “skill” for every smart person. Being frisky&fit means less mind fog and exhaustion, less medical problems and better sleep, better mood and stress resistance. Plus lots of contagious positive energy that foster people around us to do the same. What we don’t do has as great impact as what we do do. What we don’t put in our bodies has even more important as what we do put in. Also regular breaks from (over)thinking and regular breaks from food (24 hours and more) have an incredible effect on our brain and body: more liveliness, clarity and better overall performance. Regular vigorous sports in nature combined with intermediate fasting is a great way of achieving mindfulness and fitness at the same time. With long term prosperity and glow. Any kind of playfulness helps, too. So, don’t forget to carry a ball or a frisbee with you at all times. Life is a dynamic game, right?!

{Photo: Mateja Kramar: A beautiful OFF-ice, October 2018}

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