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Digital Day

SwissDigitalDay yesterday gave us an overview what we are aspiring and what is possible. And also that human is moving away from being humane with unrecognizable speed, which will definitely hit the ground if we don’t foster our humane attributes in parallele with digitalization. Implement it in education, jobs and everyday life. Two things I am sure of: 1) Human brain, its perception and behavior will change tremendously within the next decades. It is already happening. Medicine and sociology will need to change especially for the new psychological characteristics, symptoms and diseases that will arise and grow in yet unknown ways. 2) Labor force will need to change its skills, thinking, common sense and own&self responsibility. Unemployment will be probably the same, only its structure will be very different. Fostering our humane side and implementing soft skills in early education is a must (now already). Meaning also education (from kindergarten on) needs to change ASAP, especially for the new psychological characteristics that will future brains have, plus even shorter attention spam and response and all yet unknown changes digitalization is bringing. After yesterday’s look into the future I wish to be back for a decade in 2222! Well, looks like it will be possible!

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