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Mindful Solitude

No IQ counts without high emotional intelligence. Empathy is a big part of it. Empathy is an essential skill for every relationship. It makes us humane, great partners, parents, colleagues, friends etc. Without empathy there is no inspiring nor successful leadership. Even though we can only see and help others from our own level of perception, putting things into an objective perspective (for ourselves or for another person) is a great achievement. But putting ourselves - us personally into an objective perspective, detached from out subjective and emotional self; in our present environment, in current situations and correlations, that is a mastery. Knowing ourself is the greatest wisdom. Observing and seeing ourselves „from the balcony“ is a genius skill that also brings our empathy to another level. That is a kind of empathy where we (are able to) help others to see themselves objectively, too. This way any conflicts would be impossible. Yes, it is an idealistic or even utopian world. Regular purposeful solitude in nature to train our awareness can help us achieve the mastery of self knowledge and objectiveness. So we can grow and become better leaders and mentors. It is a life long process. As all masteries are.

Photo: Mateja Kramar: Training in mountains, October 2018

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