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Walking on the Edge

Visionaries walk on the edge and see further where the (im)possible grow. Dare more, try different, go beyond. Even the existing ways or things were once not here. All great things and progress happen when someone dares to deviate from the norm because s/he sees beyond the normal. Most call such people rebels, want to put them back on “right” and appropriate track, bully them, do mobbing or admire from a safe distance. Once these rebels succeed all of a sudden everyone calls them innovators or genius minds and want to be by their side, even support them. Offroads are usually very lonely. Not in a great solitude sense, more as a scary lost cul-de-sac. Only the strongest persist all the way, endure all the tripping over, overhear the negativity and above all stay loyal to themselves. These people are "crazy" enough to believe they can change the world. And they do. Firstly you need to believe in yourself, never give up and the rest will follow. Take some co-enthusiasts with you, for the road is usually pretty long and above all not easy. Supportive ones, constructive critics and same “crazy” ones are priceless to have by. You will recognise the right ones by sparkles in their eyes and very often saying "YES!" and "CAN DO!"

Photo: Mateja Kramar (On the Edge, September 29, 2018)

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