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Dennis' Bench of Wisdom

I have no idea who is or was Dennis. I only know he lived too short life and wants to share a message with all the living passing by. I am daily passing Dennis' bench. Mostly while running or jogging or taking a walkie-talkie with Ludvik (my hairy best friend). And I always give high five to Dennis, thinking out loud: „Thank you, dear Dennis, for reminding me daily how grateful I am for being healthy and positive minded. Grateful that I can walk, talk, see, play, laugh and make others laugh, can read, study, work, run, love and am loved, hope, touch, dance, breath, eat, live in peace and am ALIVE and happy! And that I am so often able to help others open their eyes for small huge treasures of life!“ Gratitude for the most "obvious" makes our lives reacher and makes us better humans. Gratitude causes these little curves in the corners of lips and shinning sparks in eyes - both highly contagious and a base for every good relationship. And the genuine and great relationships are a foundation of happiness, meaningfulness and health.

So, as Dennis says: "Learn to live the day, to enjoy the pleasures, to throw away the heavy burdens. We only live once."

😃☀️🍀❤️🙏 Carpe diem!

Photo: Mateja Kramar (With my Lab Ludvik by Dennis' Bench of Wisdom, Zürich, 2018)

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